How to Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Summer

by Madeleine Borgersen

With the warmer weather just around the corner it’s swimsuit season again but for those without a body to rival Elle McPherson’s it can sometimes be an uncomfortable search finding the perfect cossie. Luckily we’ve got the top tips from Baku Swimwear‘s designer Tammy Byrkek to find your perfect style and some gorgeous pieces to match from their SS15 collection!

How to Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Summer1. With Summer starting to sneak it’s way in here in Sydney, what are the go-to shapes for swimwear this season?

The high neck sports-influenced bikini tank is definitely a go-to this season in bright and bold colours. The 80’s style maillot is also back this season,

Our 80’s Tank Maillot style à la Pamela Anderson in Baywatch has a high cut bottom which creates the illusion of gorgeous long legs. 

Our pool-ready mix and match swimsuits allow you to create your own shapes and style, whether it be a triangle shaped top, or high-waisted bikini bottom.


How to Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Summer

2. How do different swimsuit shapes and styles flatter different figures?

Whether it is a one-piece, bikini or tankini, the trick to feeling confident in wearing a swimsuit is to choose a style that suits your body shape!

Baku creates swimsuits going up to a size DD bra that is matched back with items that flatter all figures. The most important rule is balance – you want your bottom and top half to balance and for your body to look proportional. For example, an hourglass figure suits balconette style bras and high-waisted pants that accentuate curves, such as our Rockefeller style,

However, rounder body shape suits halter styles with a deep V that create visual length and define the waistline.

How to Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Summer3.What are some must-have colours or styles for everyone’s holiday bag? 

A cool kaftan is a must and white is the perfect colour to highlight your pool-side tan! Fun prints such as our Bali print combine colour and style along with sports-inspired textures, cut outs and bandings are essential in your holiday bag.

How to Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Summer


4. For those that like to cover up a little more pool-side what are some ways to enjoy the new styles coming in this summer?

Again, a kaftan is perfect for this – throw it on top of your bikini for added comfort. High-waisted vintage-style bikinis are also great especially for new mums who want to cover up after pregnancy, not only are they on-trend, but will have you feeling comfy and confident.

Tankini styles are also great, they cover the top half of your body but come in a great range of prints and colours so they won’t make you look frumpy!

3 responses to “How to Pick The Perfect Swimsuit For Summer”

  1. The Katie Show Blog says:

    Here in Hawaii it is always swimsuit season, so these are great tips to have. I need to be bold and try to pull of the high waisted bottoms! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stephie Vanneste says:

    ugh swimsuit season! But great post and loved the interview with Baku. I dont know how I would look in the Pam Ann Baywatch style suits. I am bottom heavy so would need something to flatter my flat chest…similar to what Baku said 😉

  3. Great share it’s so important to remember that there are different styles to work for you! For example I always love tigerlilly patterns but my D cup just doesn’t quite work with it so I love Baku for this ?. Kate, Wondrous x