How to Train Your Dog to Be The Perfect Office Companion

by Madeleine Borgersen

Not just a great companion for the home, many workplaces are encouraging the supremacy of the furry CEO allowing employees to bring their paw-donning pal to the office. Want to know how you can ensure your pup is voted employee of the month every time? Here are our top tips!

Our pug Wilma loves a tag along to the office.

Our pug Wilma loves a tag along to the office.

Make Sure They’re Entertained

Sure you’re slammed at work but your furry friend might be a little less occupied by that never-ending inbox. Stash a bed, and a few toys (Kongs are great with a treat or two inside!) to entertain them more than a brand new Netflix library on a rainy day.

Make The Toileting Easy

Make toilet time for your dog at work a breeze with a service like Fresh Patch. Fresh Patch make it super easy for apartment dwellers and office types to train their dogs by providing a hassle-free spot for your furry friend to do their business, especially in metro areas where there’s not much grass in sight.

A subscription delivery service for fresh, dirt-free patches of grass (perfect for your pooch’s business), Fresh Patch allows your pet to relieve themselves with no distractions from work on your part.

Split Up The Week

Get your pet used to tagging along to the office gradually to make things easier for both you and them. Wean up to full-time if it suits, giving them ample time to not only sleep off the excitement of a new place and people but also to get used to the routine of office days and weekends and how your time and attention on the both can differ.

Encourage Good (Quiet) Behaviour

Dogs love attention, sure a treat and pat is fantastic but if they can’t get that they’ll take a repremand over being ignored all day. Don’t forget to encourage them entertaining themselves or displaying good office behaviour, rather than letting it go unnoticed. A simple ‘Good Girl’ and pat as they lay still on your lap or a 5 minute game of fetch after they’ve occupied themselves for a while let’s your dog know that what they’re doing is great and encourages them to keep it going.

Suss Out Pet-Friendly Lunch Spots

Your fur-friend will be hanging for some attention once lunchtime arrives. Before bringing your pal along, suss out some pet-friendly lunch spots to enjoy a bite with them. Maybe its packing your own and enjoying it in the park (don’t forget a treat for them and maybe a spot of fetch) or a great local spot with outdoor seating they’d love to tag along to.

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