Munchkin Grass Fed, The Natural Choice When Moving On to Formula

by Madeleine Borgersen

When it comes to feeding your baby, breast is best, but what if you find you can’t breastfeed, need to supplement or need to move on from breastfeeding?

Where to Start When Finding The Right Formula For Your Child

Munchkin’s Grass Fed is the natural pick when it comes to finding the best formula.


With the vast array of formula options on the market, finding the best option to move on to can be both time-consuming and confusing.

When looking for the perfect formula, the main ingredient, Milk, that makes up 65% of the end product is the first place to compare.

Munchkin Grass Fed, is the first formula that’s milk ingredient comes from 100% New Zealand Grass Fed cows. High-quality, nutritious and organic, the milk used in Munchkin’s Grass Fed makes it the next best alternative.

Made from the milk of cows that happily graze on pastures in New Zealand year round, the daily collected milk that creates the base of the Munchkin Grass Fed formula is natural, GMO-Free, rBGH free and grain free meaning it’s gentler on tiny tummies.

If you can’t breastfeed, or are ready to move on, knowing you’re giving your bub the next best thing makes the world of difference. Grassfed milk offers more benefits than other milk substitutes, containing up to five times more of the naturally occurring conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain-fed cows milk.

This CLA is the fat that is also found in breast milk that is responsible for boosting immunity, improving bone mass and helping to regulate your baby’s blood sugar levels.

Grassfed milk has also been shown to include higher levels of vitamin A and E, more antioxidants and a healthier ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids than other milk products.

When it comes to picking the right option to fill that formula container when the time comes, the more natural the better. Free from growth hormone, genetically modified organisms and packed with perks, grain fed formulas just can’t offer, Munchkin’s Grass Fed is the natural choice.

Munchkin Grass Fed is available online and from Big W and pharmacies located throughout Australia.

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