Top Apps for New Mums

by Madeleine Borgersen

Has a new baby joined your household? From sleeping to feeding, development to health, make the transition easier with these must-have apps!

Top Apps for New MumsMyMedela

Created by leading breast pump and bottle brand Medela, the newly released MyMedela app is a must-have for new mums.

Quickly and easily track everything from breastfeeds to bottles, expressing to nappies within the one app giving you a clear overview of how each day with your new one is going.

As well as the day to day activities, you can also track your baby’s height and weight changes and also learn great tips and tricks via the Medela blog posts on the home screen.

Top Apps for New Mums

Easily track everything from feeds to pumping sessions, nappy changes to sleep duration in one easy to use app, MyMedela.


Easily create soothing white noise to help settle your new addition with Noizio. From rain to a crackling fireplace, the ocean to deep space, you can layer and create the perfect ambient background noise to soothe that bub to slumber in no time.

The Wonder Weeks

Even the most chilled of bubs go through growth periods which can lead to them being needier and a little harder to comfort. Easily get an overview of when these periods are coming up so you know what your bub is learning that period and when you can expect a few extra snuggles to be needed with The Wonder Weeks app.

Top Apps for New Mums

Plan ahead for milestones that may make your bub a little more sensitive than usual with The Wonder Weeks app.

Save the Date

Never miss a vaccination appointment with the Save the Date app. It will remind you when vaccinations are due simply by entering your child’s birth date and also has handy nursery rhyme tracks to soothe bub in between.


Nothing scares a new mum more than baby’s first fever. Easily keep track of your bub’s temp as well as any medications they’ve been given with the Withings Thermo app.

Top Apps for New Mums

Create soothing ambient sounds to send your babe straight to sleep with Noizio.

With the ability to track multiple family members in the one app using the Withing Thermo contactless thermometer keeping an overview of your family’s health ahs never been easier.

Feed Safe

After 9 months of baking, you can’t be blamed for feeling like a celebratory drink once your bub is safely earthside. If you’re breastfeeding this doesn’t have to be off limits, you just have to be a bit careful with your timing and the Feed Safe app makes this a cinch.

Simply enter your height and weight and then the app can let you know when you’re safe to breastfeed again after one, two or more drinks.

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