App of the Week: Apple Music

by Madeleine Borgersen

Apple has just launched their own music streaming service. Similar to other music streaming services out there like Spotify and Pandora, Apple Music does offer some advantages over your current choice (and yes it’s more than just having Tay Tay on offer!)

App of the Week: Apple Music

Apple Music offers music streaming subscriptions for desktop and devices from A$11.99/month with a free three-month trial.

Available for iOS (simply update your device to access the new app), iTunes and Windows and Android coming in the next few months, Apple Music is a definite contender in the music streaming world.

With a library of over 30 million tracks, hand-picked playlists by Apple and influencers and great apps for desktop and devices you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘I already have that’ with your current streaming service. What makes Apple difference is how well they’ve put it together.

Apple Music’s algorithm is second to none at figuring out the type of music you’re into, offering new artists and tracks to suit your taste. Within an hour or two every track is spot on. Something that Spotify or Pandora never quite mastered.

Their main radio station, Beats 1 offers a truly eclectic mix of artists new and old as well as some impressive interviews with artists like Eminen, Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

With Apple Music offering both music audio and video the playlists on offer are another big plus with the usual mixes for running, relaxing, dancing etc as well as content curations from publications like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.

Apple Music is offering a three month trial with plans available at $11.99/month for a personal subscription or $17.99/month for family access for up to 6 people.


3 responses to “App of the Week: Apple Music”

  1. This is verrrry interesting. Will certainly be having a crack at the free trial! x

  2. I haven’t signed up to a music subscription service yet…. I just haven’t seen the value yet but if I added up how much I spend buying songs I probably would! x