Spotify Party Is Here to Make Your Holidays

by Madeleine Borgersen

Spotify has launched a new feature to their super popular music streaming service to take your holidays from humbug to hell yaaaaas.

Spotify Party Is Here to Make Your Holidays

Spotify’s new Party feature takes all the stress out of being the music master at your holiday festivities.

Spotify Party, a new feature to Spotify’s mobile app is here to take your holiday festivities to the next level offering you the power to play perfectly blended tracks and playlists according to your mood. No more Mariah belting it out in the background just as Uncle Frank has started his annual Boxing Day rant.

Find the new Spotify feature under Browse > Genre & Moods > Party. The tracks have been tuned by DJ’s for smooth blending from one song to the next and in each playlist you can up the tempo from relax to rave with three different settings. Great no?

Friends want to add a track to the mix? Just search for the track and click the three dot ‘extras’ symbol beside it. Click ‘Add to Up Next’ and voila. No more interrupted tunes and everyone is happy.

What’s your must-play holiday track?

Need some party tunes to get your list started? Here’s the top picks in Australia!

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