TdM Tarot

TdM Tarot: Fresh Beginnings in August

by Psych Sal

Spring has come early with this month’s Tarot card, The Fool, representing fresh beginnings. So shake those extra layers of woolies off, consider a hair change and get yourself ready for the summer ahead.

TdM Tarot: Fresh Beginnings in August

August’s card represents new beginnings so you can start spring cleaning your life early!

All new starts in August with The Fool in play, it’s all about starting afresh and doing all that you want to do in life, whether it is starting a new path or finding that perfect little bargain, it’s all new, fresh and carefree with this month.

There is a small caution with this, just to make sure that you don’t go too fast too early, be careful with what it is that you are doing, don’t push yourself too much. It’s okay to start off steady and wary, listen to yourself and trust what it is that you are being told.

It’s the month of new and all about you! Have fun with it and see what it is that the universe is wanting you to try out.

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