The Top Places to Eat, Drink & Sleep in Hanoi

by Carla Horvath

The hustle and bustle is real. Travelling through Hanoi isn’t for the faint-hearted. There will be sweat, exhaust fumes, questionable ingredients and crowds of people. But in the end it’s worth every second and is absolutely a must-do!

The Top Places to Eat, Drink & Sleep in Hanoi


Local Bar is in the heart of the Old Quarter where most of the magic in Hanoi happens. A regular Friday night is like a New Year’s Eve party. Local Bar is the perfect place to start your night (and you will most likely end it there too!). If you want a bit change, check out their sister bar Local 2 just down the road for more action.

1900 Le Theatre is one of the hottest nightclubs in Hanoi set in a beautiful venue with a mix of western chart-music and Vietnamese hits. You will find a lively mix of locals and travellers having the time of their life.Every Tuesday is Lady’s Night where us ladies can get two free drinks.

Watch out for the surprising “balloon” trend you will see in the Hanoi nightclubs and bars. These balloons are filled with laughing gas also known as nitrous oxide and consumed recreationally by nearly everyone!


Quan An Ngon serves freshly prepared, authentic Vietnamese food at a great price. The restaurant is always bustling with international culinary experts, journalists and hardcore foodies. If you aren’t sure what to order the chefs are nearby and happy to give their recommendations for a feast you will surely write home about.

La Badiane is a truly indulgent and gastronomic experience for those that want a break from Vietnamese cuisine. Frequently voted the best French restaurant in Hanoi, La Badiane is a great place for lunch after exploring the city.

The Moose and Roo Smokehouse is a favourite amongst the many expats and backpackers who want a taste of home. Like the name suggests, Moose and Roo is run by a Canadian and Australian that seriously love smoked meats and pub food. Some of the most popular dishes are the spicy wings, deviled-eggs and poutine. Plus they have a great selection of craft beers on tap!


Vietnam Backpackers Hostel has a few locations through Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An. They are frequently called the biggest and best hostels for people of all ages. The downtown location in the Old Quarter is close to all of the best nightlife plus has it’s own restaurant and bar. The vibe is electric and full of friendly people looking to socialise.

La Siesta is a boutique hotel run by local, friendly Vietnamese staff. They have a superb breakfast and all of the western accommodation needed to make your visit easy and comfortable. This is a well-price hotel that offers a peaceful escape from the crowds.

Sofitel Metropole is a luxury, 5-star hotel in the French Quarter. In all of it’s colonial grandeur the Sofitel Metropole is 115 years old. This hotel not only boasts history (it has a bomb shelter from the war) but a great pool, spa and restaurants. No wonder President Obama stayed here during his trip to Vietnam!

Been to Hanoi? Tell us your favourite spots!

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