Top Tips to Celebrating a Fuss-Free Festive Season

by Madeleine Borgersen

Whether you’re staying home or heading out to celebrate with family and friends, Christmas is one of the most magical times of year but can also be the most full on. Wanting to skip the stress this holiday season? Here are our tips to make your Christmas festivities fuss-free and memorable for years to come.

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1. Be Organised

Start a to-do list as soon as you start to think about the holidays. From gift ideas to food options, decorating to-do’s or packing lists if you’re headed away – a list is the easiest way to free up mental space and ensure you remember everything (and everyone, we don’t want to do a Home Alone!) when Christmas comes around.

Once that list is written begin to order gifts. Separating them out not only helps with cash-flow it also means less pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone in one hit. Shopping online can not only save you money but it also saves you the headache of fighting the growing Christmas crowds. Overseas stores like Marks & Spencer are also available to us online giving you amazing pressie ideas that you won’t find everywhere locally and with shipping only taking 4-5 days it’s the easiest way to check off those gifts!

The Christmas period can also quickly turn into New Years and before you know it you’re a month into the new year and not knowing up from down. If you know you have important events or to-do’s for early January pick out a nice calendar for the new year early, like Marks & Spencer’s gorgeous Super Slim 2018 Calendar and jot down your important dates and appointments as they come in to avoid that January haze.

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2. Prepare for the Unexpected

Traffic jams and delayed flights go part and parcel with the holiday season so ensure you’re organised in any event by packing extra food for yourself and the family ahead of any trips as well as some entertainment like pencils and paper, jokes for bigger kids and mum and dad or a favourite toy.

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Dreading turning up to a Christmas get together and forgetting someone’s gift? Pack some extra greeting cards and take out
some cash ahead of time for a fuss-free and universally favoured emergency pressie.

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3. Get Started Early

Whether it’s putting up the tree a bit earlier than normal, or preparing some gingerbread dough and popping it in the freezer for quick-bake Christmas Eve sweets, getting started a little early with your holiday plans can mean that last- minute hiccups or something taking longer than expected on Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day can easily be fixed.

One way to gain more time in the lead up to Christmas is to wrap your presents as you buy them. Simply store a basket with Christmas wrapping, scissors, sticky-tape and ribbon near your tree. As you find the perfect gifts for your family and friends, wrap them and pop them beneath the tree, all ready for them to receive.

Wanting to get a family photo with Santa? Skip the cues and go see the man in red in November or early December before school breaks and the wait becomes unbearable for smaller family members.

Not confident your little one is ready for a trip to Santa? Why not shoot your own Christmas session at home. Dress them in a festive outfit, Marks & Spencer has fantastic dress pieces for boys and girls and let them explore your tree, presents, gingerbread or any other festive themed props around your home for the perfect photo minus any meltdowns.

What’s your favourite way to take the stress out of the holidays? Will you be implementing any of our tips this season?

This post was brought in collaboration with Marks & Spencer who offer fast and convenient online shopping straight from the UK and Shopping Links. All opinions are my own.

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