How to Travel In Style, A Model’s Do’s & Don’ts

by Madeleine Borgersen

Travelling in style is no easy feat when you’re battling long haul flights and jetlag, but it’s not impossible either. When it comes to mastering chic comfort while travelling, who better to ask than a jet-setting model?

How to Travel In Style, A Model's Do's & Don'ts

Image via @TheTeacherDiva

We spoke to Phillipa Steele, International Model and Fiji Airways Ambassador to get her insider tips on how to travel in style.

Keep It Simple

When I travel, my essential go-to’s include comfortable jeans, turtle necks or plain coloured t-shirts. You don’t need to put on an elaborate outfit to look stylish. Sometimes, simple is best. Accessorise with some great sunglasses or a hat to nail the off-duty, effortless look.

Eat Wisely

Resist the urge to eat heavy meals before or during a flight. If you want to curb any sugar cravings, opt for fruit or a healthy energy bar.

Exercise In-Flight

To avoid bloating, I always walk along the aisles on the plane to keep the blood circulating. You can also do some stretches at the back of the plane or leg exercises in your seat.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

I try to get as much sleep on the plane as possible so that my skin looks healthy with a natural glow afterwards. Bring whatever it takes to help you sleep, whether it’s eye masks or ear plugs. I also drink calming chamomile and peppermint teas to help relax.

Pack Your Beauty Essentials

Hand sanitiser and face wipes are a must-have when travelling. If you don’t get enough sleep and want to hide any blemishes or signs of jetlag, bring a good concealer with you in your carry on too.

Treat Yourself to a Pamper

One of the best ways to beat jetlag or travel fatigue is to get a spa treatment or massage. Consider this when you’re booking your hotel and check out their spa offering. I love the spas in Fiji because the treatments are often offered in a beachside cabana, so you can hear the waves and feel the sea breeze against your skin.

Avoid Coffee or Alcohol

The high altitude and cabin air pressure can be drying for the skin. On top of drinking plenty of water before, during and after the flight, I also avoid coffee, soft drinks and alcohol (they are all dehydrating).

Don’t Wear Makeup

I never wear makeup on the plane. It’s better to keep your skin clean and allow it to breathe during this time. You can pop on a hydrating face mask to boost moisture.

Don’t Travel Unprepared

I always try to sleep according to the time zone I’m flying to a week before departure so that I can avoid the dreaded jetlag. Upon arrival, I get into some form of active exercise to feel refreshed, whether it’s cycling, swimming or jogging. Remember to pack some comfortable active wear.


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