App of the Week: Hopper

by Madeleine Borgersen

Booking your flight is easily the most stressful part of organising a holiday. Are you getting a great rate? What are the hidden fees, are you getting the reward points? Make it simple with Hopper.

App of the Week: Hopper

Hopper is a super handy app for iOS and Android that allows you to ‘watch’ a certain flight say from Sydney to Los Angeles for any date of the year and receive notifications from the app when, based on their research and algorithms, the best time to book is here.

With flights changing price constantly it will give you a prediction on how the price will change over the next few weeks, when the cut-off for well-priced tickets will be over and even a notification when they find a price that will probably be your best deal.

Hopper also allows you to quickly and easily book your flights (for you or for multiple passengers) straight from the app, with the airline of your choice. A member of a rewards program? You still earn those frequent flyer points too! Travel is now too easy!

2 responses to “App of the Week: Hopper”

  1. Mae says:

    That app sounds amazing! I’m always watching flights, even if I never take them, and this could easily become my latest obsession. Thanks for sharing!!

    xo, Mae | Mae Amor