App of the Week: Trōv

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever looked into insuring your valuables but thought it was either too hard or too pricey when you’ve only really got a few items that really need the cover? Trōv app offers the solution with on-demand insurance for individual items that you can organise straight from your phone.

App of the Week: TrovWhether it’s your laptop, camera, fancy new fridge or engagement ring, Trōv lets you insure individual items quickly and easily from their app.

Simply search for the items details (at the moment the library offers a great range of popular electronics but they’re venturing into other items soon!) and add it to your collection.

From there it’s a simple swipe right to protect the item. You can protect for accidental damage, theft or loss and toggle your excess and coverage location to find the best insurance level for that item.

From there simply enter your credit card to cover the charge and your items insured. Find you don’t need the insurance for a little while? Maybe you move and it’s covered in your contents insurance or you’re overseas and it’s handled by your travel insurance? Avoid the double up and simple switch the cover on or off straight from the app.

And if something did happen with the item, claiming is a breeze too with everything happening within the app with only a few texts back and forth to grab the details of the damage or loss.

Trōv is free and available for iOS and Android.

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