App of the Week: Tether

by Madeleine Borgersen

Constantly heading to and fro from your desk and sick of locking and unlocking your computer on each trip? Download this week’s app, Tether and problem solved!

App of the Week: Tether

Like a proximity key for your Mac, the new iPhone app Tether is a lifesaver for those strapped to their computers during office hours, that want to ensure a little privacy.

If you’re the type to keep your phone close by let it automatically lock and unlock your mac whenever you’re near without any work from you.

Sync Tether once with your password (which is saved securely!) to allow the app to automatically lock and unlock your computer whether you’re at your desk or not.

Tether works with Bluetooth Low Energy meaning it’s not a battery drag. Simply download the free apps (one for your computer and one for your iPhone) and you’re free to come and go as you please!

Tether is available currently for Mac OSX and iPhone.


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