App of the Week: Timepage by Moleskin

by Madeleine Borgersen

Feeling like your days are out of control? Too much to do or remember? Moleskin, creator of some of the most beautiful planners and organisers has brought their expertise to the digital realm with their new app, Timepage.

App of the Week: Timepage by Moleskin

Timepage by Moleskin is one of the most elegant and well-designed organisation apps out there. Seamlessly integrating all of your calendars (home, work, that other one for your side gig) with useful information like weather forecasts, contacts and maps.

Timepage has ditched the usual calendar grid, instead presenting your upcoming appointments and events in a continous timeline. This refreshing design makes it super easy to see what’s happening in the next few days and weeks of your life. Timepage also identifies free time for you letting you know you might, for example, have ‘1 hour free before your Meeting at 2pm’.

Timepage also offers a full weather app within itself, beautifully designed and packed full of all the information you’ll need to plan your day. You can easily add a new event by typing something like ‘Lunch with Mum at Nel’s’ and Timepage will take care of the rest.

Never be late again with the handy travel times for car, public transport, cycling and walking available for each event in Timepage.

Timepage is available from the App Store for AU$6.49 for iPhone and Apple Watch.


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