App of the Week: Audible

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever wanted someone to just tell you a story? No, no that’s just me? Oh well if any of you do, Audible is the app for you.

App of the Week: Audible

Love to read but sometimes just want someone else to do the heavy lifting? I do.

Sometimes I feel like sitting back and delving into a great book without actually straining my eyes and flicking the pages. Lazy I know. But nothing brings me back to my childhood more than someone reading a book to me.

Audible is an Amazon company so it has most books you could possibly want converted with narration by greats such as Colin Firth (oh yes!), Kate Winslet, David Dachovny and Tom Felton.

Simple purchase the audio book and have it sent to your iPhone or iPad and listen away. Perfect for those with long commutes in the car or that suffer from motion sickness or just those that prefer to jump in a hot bath and listen rather than read.

If you’re an avid reader/listener you can also sign up for an Audible membership. This allows you to pay $14.95 per month and receive one free book per month and 70% off of your other audiobook purchases. Best of all, you won’t have to find a spot to stack all of your read books!

Have you ever used an audio book? What was the last book you had read to you?

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