App of the Week: Breeze

by Madeleine Borgersen

Don’t want to spend the cash on wearable tech? Not sure if you’ll end up even wearing it? Here’s the solution that simply uses your iPhone.

App of the Week: Breeze

Created by RunKeeper the Breeze app counts your steps and daily activity making you more aware of your daily habits and helps you to create new, better ones.

Unlike the #fitspo hashtag on instagram, Breeze is all about small choices to better your daily activity and improve your health and wellbeing. Parking that little bit further away from the shops, hopping off the bus one stop earlier or just taking the dog for a little longer walk. It all helps.

The Breeze app imports the last 7 days of activity from your iPhone’s motion chip so there’s already some data to go off and step counts to improve on straight away.

Breeze uses your phone’s inbuilt technology to track the amount of steps you take each day, allows you to receive notifications or ‘nudges’ to prompt you to be more active and meet your goals and gives you a simple digest of how active you’ve been that day, week and overall.

Worried it will soak up all your battery power? Don’t. Because it uses the phone’s in-built motion chip there’s no extra strain on your battery life.

The app is Free and currently available for iOS.

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