App of the Week: Rise

by Madeleine Borgersen

If trimming up and getting healthy was on your to-do list for 2015 we’ve got just the app to help you along!

App of the Week: Rise

Rise is a new app for weight loss, nutrition and health. Rather than simply logging your calories and hoping for the best, Rise takes down your current status and your goals and matches you with a registered dietician to help you get started.

Track your process by snapping photos of your meals in the Rise app. From their your personal coach can review the meals, give your feedback and hold you accountable.

Rise costs $10 a week, a lot less than working with a dietician directly and given that it’s all done via your phone, it’s quick and easy to get feedback and start making better decisions and habits.

Rise app is available for both iOS and Android, mobile and tablet.

6 responses to “App of the Week: Rise”

  1. Kat Ness says:

    Such hi-tech-ness!

  2. Jasmine Huston says:

    This actually sounds like a pretty interesting app!
    Sweetaholic Beauty

  3. This sounds like a very interesting app. With getting the official verdict tomorrow, this could be handy for having to go gluten free.