App of the Week: Slow Fast Slow

by Madeleine Borgersen

Slow Fast Slow is VSCOCam for videos. Available for iOS8 the app allows you to change the speed of pre-shot videos straight on your iPhone.

App of the Week: Slow Fast Slow

Image from Studio Neat

Want to slow down your dog catching that frisbee or your three year old blowing out his birthday candles? Now you can right from your phone.

As well as speeding up or slowing down videos you can also alter the pitch of the video’s sound and also reverse video clips.

Once you’re finished editing you can export the video at the original ratio or crop it to a square ready to post on instagram.

Slow Fast Slow is a free app available for iPhone’s running iOS 8.

Do you take a lot of videos on your phone or are you more of a static photo capturer?

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