Charge Up and The 9 Best Apps for Introverts

by Madeleine Borgersen

Are you an introvert? If you identify as someone who draws energy from being alone, rather than being around people, your electronic devices are a way for you to connect, on your own terms. These 9 apps and tools for introverts will change your life!

Charge Up and The 9 Best Apps for Introverts


Who doesn’t love a to do list app? Todoist is free, syncs to all your devices, allows you to collaborate with other team members, plus it’s pretty – if you’re a sucker for great design!

Claire Deane and Allie Lehman, are co-authors of Charge Up | Build Your Business And Manage Your Energy With Your Introversion Superpowers.

Charge Up is about proactively managing your life and career, filling your tank full of delicious alone-time goodness, so that socialising, networking, building your biz and spending time with people is awesome, not awful.

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One response to “Charge Up and The 9 Best Apps for Introverts”

  1. Sarah Ayoub says:

    This is a great list Madeleine! There are definitely a couple in this list I would use, and I am downloading Headspace right now because I have trouble concentrating and I have heard meditation can help fix that.