Peanut App Launches in Australia to Make Finding Your Mum Bestie a Breeze

by Madeleine Borgersen

Popular in the US, UK and Canada, Peanut (tinder for finding cool Mum friends) has hit the Australian App Store.

Peanut App

Peanut App allows you to connect with fellow Mums about more than just your mini-me’s.

Say so long to discussing your child’s latest sleep regression with the Mum’s group you got thrown into and have about as much in common with as that pee-wee soccer team in kindergarten.

Peanut matches you with fellow mums in the area based on your shared interests, not just your ability to procreate meaning meeting the perfect bestie thats also available for that text-sesh during the 2am feed is easy as just a few swipes of your iPhone.

Peanut App launches in Australia

Like Tinder for Mum’s your new bestie is just a swipe away.

The perfect, modern solution for tech-savvy women who are sharing similar life experiences, Peanut makes it simple to connect with those similar to you with the app utilising machine learning and a smart algorithm to personalise the experience for each user, matching them based on things like – mutual friends, languages, the age and gender of their children, educational background and of course, interests.

The app lets you create group chats, with the ability to suggest and poll the perfect meet-up times. It also lets you post and comment on photos, send invites and add them straight into users’ calendars (because Mum-brain) and most importantly, chat and connect over topics that aren’t related to your mini-me’s.

Available for free for iOS you can download and create your account now via

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