Trial That New Hair Colour First With the MyShade App

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking for a colour change but scared to take the plunge? Try on some different shades first with Clairol Nice’n Easy’s new myshade app.

Trial That New Hair Colour First With the MyShade App

Looking for a change? Virtually try on any shade using Nice’n Easy’s new MyShade app.

Clairol Nice’n Easy’s new MyShade app takes the confusion away from picking the perfect at-home dye allowing you to virtually find the perfect shade for you with the snap of a selfie.

Simple upload your selfie and instantly ‘try-on’ any of the Nice’n Easy colour range without the risk.

Want another opinion? Share your top picks with friends via social media to help pick the perfect new shade for you.

In store and wondering which shade is perfect for your new colour change? Scan the box’s barcode with the MyShade app and get an instant yay or nay to that colour change. You can even scan any competitor’s at-home colour to find the equivalent Clairol Nice’n Easy shade to virtually try before you buy.

The Colour Experts Clairol Nice’n Easy’s ‘myshade’ App is available from iTunes and Google Play Store.

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