Ditch Dry Skin for Good With The Dyson Humidifier

by Madeleine Borgersen

Suffer from dry skin? Ditch it by adding a humidifier to your bedroom. The Dyson Humidifier is a first ever from the design dream team offering perfect moisture levels with the click of a button.

Ditch Dry Skin for Good With Dyson's First Humidifier

The Dyson Humidifier offers hygienic, moisture-filled air to your room for better sleep and skin.

With our lifestyles leaving us spending more and more of our time indoors, dry air can really start to harm our health (and our looks!). Allergies, sinus or breathing problems, dry, irritated skin; all of these can be improved by ditching the dry air and adding a humidifier to your home.

Goodbye chapped lips and dry skin, the Dyson Humidifier uses an Intelligent Climate Control system to accurately measure both the temperature and humidity of the air, and automatically create the perfectly optimised humidity throughout your whole room.

Dry air breaks away the oil layer that sits atop of our skin protecting it and keeping hydration in where it is used by the cells of our skin and body. Losing this hydration leads to skin that can be more prone to issues like simple itching or flaking, or more serious inflammation like eczema and psoriasis.

Unlike other humidifiers on the market the Dyson Humidifier kills 99.9% of bacteria in the 3-litre water supply prior to spreading the moisture around your air. When turned on the water is passed through two rounds of ultraviolet light, killing 99.9% of illness (and breakout!) causing bacteria.

Ditch Dry Skin for Good With The Dyson HumidifierPerfect for the bedroom, the humidifier treats the whole room with their Air Multiply technology that disperses hygienic, moisture-filled air widely and evenly (oh and did we mention, super quietly?). The humidifier can run for at least 18 hours on one tank of water, giving you a fantastic night sleep, or you can use the sleep timer to easily switch it off after a few hours if you prefer.

Another plus? In the warm, wet months, when the humidity is plenty, you can switch off the humidifier component and enjoy the same great quality of cooling as other Dyson fan products.

The Dyson Humidifier has a RRP of $799.00 and is available at all good retailers.


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