Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Stories

by Madeleine Borgersen

So if you’ve opened Instagram today you may notice in your account something new. Instagram has launched their new feature ‘Stories’. Seriously similar to Snapchat, here’s how to use it!

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Stories

Instagram’s latest update has launched a new feature, Instagram Stories, bring a Snapchat-like feed to your profile.

When activated on your account the new Instagram Stories feature will appear at the top of your home screen.

Sorted similar to Snapchat, the first circle will be your story and from then on users that you follow that have posted something to their story, sorted from latest to oldest.

Like Snapchat, stories are only viewable for 24 hours and can be a mix of photos and videos with the ability to add text and scribbles.

How to Add To Your Own Instagram Story

You can post something new to your story by swiping right on the home screen or tapping the + with the circle around it in the top left corner.

Then just tap the button at the bottom of the screen for a photo or press and hold to record a video to your story. 

You can also share a photo or video from your camera roll as long as it was taken in the last 24 hours. When on the camera screen just swipe down to select your video or photo.

After you’ve taken or chosen your new story addition, you can add a filter by swiping left and right and add text and scribbles via the icons in the top right of the screen.

For more colour options for the drawing tool just hold down on a colour disc to reveal a whole spectrum of choices.
Everything You Need To Know About Instagram StoriesDownload your video or photo to your Camera Roll via the icon on the bottom left of the screen and then hit the big tick in the centre to add it to your story.

Take a great pic or video and wished you could add it to your regular feed? You can! Just click into your story and find that amazing addition. Hit the bottom ‘…’ icon  and select ‘Share as Post’ to add it to your profile for eternity!

Engaging With Someone’s Instagram Story

Unlike your main Instagram feed, there are no likes or commenting on an Instagram Story. You can send the person a message (which will go to their Direct Messages folder) if they have the setting switched on and you can also see how many people have seen each of your story additions by swiping up when viewing your own posts.

Watching a video and want to pause it for a second? Just press and hold down on the screen to pause that video. Want to watch it again? You can view a users story at any time by tapping their profile picture in their profile.

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram StoriesHow to Block Users from Seeing Your Instagram Story

So not keen on your boss seeing your new Instagram story but still want to keep your profile open? Head to Settings > Story Settings and you can choose users to hide your story from and also switch on or off if people can reply to your posts (these will end up in your Direct Messages folder).

You can also click the ‘x’ next to their username when viewing you has seen your latest story for quick moderation.

How to Skip Through Someone’s Instagram Story

So there’s only so many hours in the day, to skip through a few photos or videos of a person’s story simply tap or swipe left to skip that addition.

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