How to Detox from Tech & Become More Mindful

by Madeleine Borgersen

Stuck to your screen? Being constantly switched on and glued to our devices can be damaging to more than just your eyes.

How to Detox from Tech & Become More Mindful

Knowing how to let go and remove yourself from your tech and be mindful are just as important for our wellbeing.

Want to know how you can better switch off and become present? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean deleting your instagram account for good! Here are four ways to balance the tech and practice some mindfulness every day.

Use Technology To Access Mindfulness

If your partner in crime is your mobile or laptop, good news is you can leverage your dependence on these screens to be more mindful.

Use your digital accomplices to access meditation apps – a perfect antidote for those constantly on the run. Apps like Headspace, Calm, The Mindfulness App, Smiling Mind and many more will help guide you through a meditation session suited to your needs.

If the idea of sitting for more than 10 minutes in silence seems impossible, watch a guided video of yoga, which also helps to activate a relaxed sate of mind.

Eat Mindfully

One of the poorest relationships we have is the one with our food. Often we eat to live, rather than live to eat. Adopting a true appreciation for food can begin with cooking from scratch.

If cooking has never been your forte, look to YouTube for a host of videos featuring easy DIY recipes. Another benefit of cooking your own meals is knowing exactly what goes in so you can avoid unhealthy preservatives and additives often found in takeout food.

However, once you’re done with the cooking, eliminate screens from your eating experience. Rather than scoffing down your food in front of your TV or laptop, eat and chew slowly at a table while catching up with your family or roommates.

Ditch Technology & Get Creative

Feeling exhausted from keeping up with all the notifications on your digital devices? Why not take 10 minutes out of your day to get creative and start colouring? Jordanna Levin, Lifestyle Coach and Creator of The Inspired Table explains that,

“Colouring is the perfect introductory tool to mindfulness for people who find the act of sitting in meditation tricky. It calms the mind by focusing on a simple task that keeps the brain engaged enough so that it doesn’t become bored or easily distracted, but without the complexity of over thinking, multi-tasking or planning”.

The tactile experience of colouring is also naturally calming and works to activate our alpha brain waves, which helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

It seems like more people are acknowledging the benefits of colouring too – adult colouring books have been featured in the Dymocks top 10 best-seller for 8 consecutive months.

Go On A Digital Detox

Just like how people turn to personal trainers for encouragement and motivation to work out regularly, you can adopt the same approach for when you want to instill more mindfulness in your life.

Booking into a wellness retreat may be the push you need if you find it hard to achieve this on your own. You can pick your degree of separation, where not all retreats will have a digital sin bin but instead, offer activities during the day where digital devices are not invited.

In addition to activities, these wellness retreats are often steeped in nature with scenic or waterfront views. This offers an immediate relaxing environment, encouraging mindful behaviour to automatically kick in.

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