Instagram Now Allows You to Save Drafts

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever get sidetracked when you’re working on the perfect instagram caption? Now you can save your witty remarks until later with Instagram releasing the ability to save drafts from its publish screen.

Instagram Now Allows You to Save Drafts

Save your snaps for later with Instagram’s new feature.

As well as saving your chosen filter (and edits) the draft will also save your caption so far so it’s perfect for pre-writing posts for later.

Activated on most accounts (update your app if it’s not appearing) the new feature works by hitting cancel like you normally would, to avoid posting a new pic. When you hit the final screen a slide-up menu will appear giving you a new option, however to save your work for later.

From there you’ll notice a ‘Drafts’ section above your latest camera roll snaps next time you go to post something brilliant. Pre-edited and captioned from before. Life saver no?

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