Making Hydration Easy With HidrateSpark

by Madeleine Borgersen

We all know drinking water is good for us, our health, our mental state and our waistline but getting in those ml’s every day can be challenging, well, that was before HidrateSpark.

Making Hydration Easy With HidrateSpark

The HidrateSpark drink bottle is more than just a pretty design.

A BPA free, dishwasher friendly waterbottle that bluetooth syncs with your phone to let you know exactly how many ml’s of precious H20 you’re getting in daily, the HidrateSpark is more than just a fancy drink bottle.

Easily synced to your phone by simply holding the cap next to the phone and pairing it with the Android and iPhone-friendly app, the sensor stick that lives inside the bottle then measures exactly how much water your consuming and updates the app in real-time to allow you to easily achieve your water goals every day.

The Hidrate app also syncs with your favourite fitness trackers (think FitBit, Apple’s Health, MyFitnessPal and more!) to keep your goal in sight every day.

A hydration history, leaderboard with other HidrateSpark drinking pals and a location tracker should you ever leave your bottle behind make the HidrateSpark a no brainer for those serious about improving their hydration.

The HidrateSpark has just arrived after a super successful Kickstartr campaign and is available in six colours to match any style.

The HidrateSpark is available online for $76.43.

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