App of the Week: Acorns

by Madeleine Borgersen

Feeling like you’re levelling up to be a real adult and should start being smarter with your cash? Acorns is an app that let’s you invest your spare change to easily start that investment folio straight from your phone.

App of the Week: Acorns

Image by Tommy Ton

Just released to Australia the Acorns app has been a hit in the US allowing even the most investment noobs the opportunity to grow their wealth.

Simply link your bank account or credit/debit card to the app and let it manually or automatically round up your everyday purchases, investing the spare change into investments managed by expert financial advisers.

Feeling a little flush? You can also invest more manually whenever it suits and watch the results in real-time from right from the app.

A diversified portfolio, advised by a Nobel Prize winning economist, from bonds to realestate, small capital to large, Acorn lets you invest with no minimums or commissions on trades.

You can easily withdraw any funds straight to your bank account anytime and best of all it only costs $1.25/month whilst you have active investments!

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