New Spotify Features That’ll Keep You Listening

by Madeleine Borgersen

Love Spotify? We do to and we’re loving it even more with the announcement of new features rolling out around the globe.

New Spotify Features That’ll Keep You Listening

Addicted to Spotify? Things are about to get so much better!

The subscription music giant is expanding it’s offering with a range of new features that have been announced and started to be rolled out around the globe already. What can you expect from the new Spotify?

The Now

Spotify’s new app will offer a Now start page that allows you to quickly choose from pre-selected songs and playlists suited to you and the time of day. Adapted to your previous choices and music styles the Now page will just get better and better suited to you over time.

Spotify Running

We all know how important the mix of music and fitness is. Spotify has released the perfect companion for your morning routine combining songs you like (recommended based on your listening history) with the right tempo to keep you going for longer. Spotify Running automatically recognises your tempo and selects the right tracks to keep the pace. Too easy!

They’ll also be rolling out new collaborations with Nike and RunKeeper to make keeping your fitness commitments even easier.

Expanding the Library

Much more than just music, Spotify is now offering a library full of video and audio – from podcasts, to comedies, TED talks or even news updates, the new Spotify has something for everyone at every time of day.

The Originals

Spotify’s releasing new original content; radio shows, videos, running tracks and more! Yep, they’re the Netflix of the music world.

With so much more on offer remember to check for updates on your phone to grab the latest features as they’re rolled out in your country!

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  1. Nicole says:

    I so need to check out spotify!

  2. omg didn’t even know spotify offered podcasts etc! im literally going to check my spotify now!

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