New Spotify Features That’ll Keep You Listening

by Madeleine Borgersen

Love Spotify? We do to and we’re loving it even more with the announcement of new features rolling out around the globe.

New Spotify Features That’ll Keep You Listening

Addicted to Spotify? Things are about to get so much better!

The subscription music giant is expanding it’s offering with a range of new features that have been announced and started to be rolled out around the globe already. What can you expect from the new Spotify?

The Now

Spotify’s new app will offer a Now start page that allows you to quickly choose from pre-selected songs and playlists suited to you and the time of day. Adapted to your previous choices and music styles the Now page will just get better and better suited to you over time.

3 responses to “New Spotify Features That’ll Keep You Listening”

  1. Nicole says:

    I so need to check out spotify!

  2. omg didn’t even know spotify offered podcasts etc! im literally going to check my spotify now!

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