The Perfect Phone Case for Killer Selfies

by Madeleine Borgersen

Love a good selfie but hate when the lighting isn’t in your favour? Always put your best face in your feed with this photo lighting on the go iPhone case.

The Perfect Phone Case for Killer Selfies

Sick of suffering from selfie fails due to poor lighting? This case can help!

Lumee’s Selfie Kase will take your selfie’s to Kardashian level with their highlighting ring of LED lights.

The Lumee Selfie Kase has an inbuilt rechargeable battery (with a provided cable) meaning no extra drain on your precious phone battery and a practical hard case that will keep your phone protected while on-the-go.

With an LED ring light that can be set to different levels for the perfect selfie in any situation, the Lumee Selfie Kase can also be an amazing atmospheric light for your friend’s restaurant flatlay.

Available for iPhone 6 and 6 plus the Lumee Selfie Kase is a must-have for your mobile.

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