SmartCup, Coffee Without The Cash

by Madeleine Borgersen

Technology has come to save our sanity again. Say goodbye to forgoing your morning brew due to lack of hard cash thanks to the tap and go tech of SmartCup.

SmartCup, Coffee Without The Cash

SmartCup allows you to pay for your coffee without carrying around the cash thanks to a smartchip in it’s lid.

Frank Greens CafePay app has expanded their offering to bring a world-first technology, CafePay making it easier than ever to grab a coffee.

Embedded with a smartchip the eco-friendly frank green SmartCup allows you to pay for your coffee cash free by tapping the lid of your cup against a sensor installed at participating cafes.

The cost of the coffee is then deducted from a synced CafePay pre-paid account instantly and securely.

CafePay also allows you to pre-order your coffee from your favourite cafe, or gift a coffee to a friend. The app also has a loyalty program to reward you for your tech prowess, goodbye carrying a million things, hello SmartCup.

The frank green SmartCup can be purchased from selected independent retailers and cafes nationally, or online at


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