Top Products of 2014

by Madeleine Borgersen

We’ve trialled and tested our way through 2014 and now we get to share our favourites! Wanting a new foundation? A new lippy or shampoo? We’ve got our top picks for you!

2 responses to “Top Products of 2014”

  1. So much YESH here. Totally in need of a new straightener soon, and the Cloud Nine Touch is the front-runner pick at the moment.
    Loving this list, and tripley agreeing on the St Tropez Express for best tan – my most worn tan of the mo!

    And could you imagine owning every Byredo scent…oh what a dream…I think for my next Byredo Baby adoption, these peepers are firmly set on Mojave Ghost. 🙂 x

    • It’s amazing! Especially for blondes! Love their micro wand too – hello three day long waves!

      I haven’t smelt Mojave you may have just enabled me. I have a little left of my roller ball Bal D’Afrique (not as good as the sprays) will have to try it next! x