The New Bose QC35, The Ultimate HeadPhones for Work & Play

by Madeleine Borgersen

Bose, the leader’s of quality sound have released a new edition to their infamous noise-cancelling headphone range and it’s perfect for both work and play.

The New Bose QC35, The Ultimate HeadPhones for Work & Play

The new Bose QC35 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones are perfect for work and play!

Whether it’s for the desk to help with productivity or offer hands-free communication via your phone, during that long flight to drown out the screaming kidlets in Row F or for levelling up on the latest console game minus the twentieth ‘Turn it down!’ shouted from the kitchen, a great pair of headphones are more than just a luxury.

The new Bose QC35‘s offer the same comfortable, over-ear design as their previous models but showcase a few key improvements that make them the ultimate choice for personal sound.


The Bose QC35 headphones offer up to 20 hours of battery life per charge, giving you noise-cancellation perfect for travel, or distraction-free work.

The main point of difference with the new model? A noise cancellation control allowing you to adjust the amount of external sound you block for the perfect balance of distraction-free listening and environment awareness.

The dual microphones that make up Bose’s leading noise-cancellation technology are also used when making and receiving phone calls removing any environmental disturbances like wind or crowds making every conversation clearer no matter where you are.

Wireless Sound

The exciting new addition the Bose QC35’s bring is their ability to listen totally wirelessly, listening to your favourite media via Bluetooth or NFC.

Once paired, the headphones will auto-magically connect to the closest pre-paird device for easy listening. You can also easily swap between your most-used devices with the Android and Apple compatible Bose Connect App, by dragging and dropping the headphone icon onto the device you’d like to connect to. You can even download and install software updates via the app and set auto-power off settings to ensure you’ll never accidentally leave your headphones on again.

Worried about running out of battery? Don’t! The Bose QC35’s still allow you to connect via wire when you’re out of battery and charge from any USB port with the included micro-USB cord.

The New Bose QC35, The Ultimate HeadPhones for Work & Play

The new Bose QC35’s offer quality sound with supreme comfort.

Quality Audio

Bose doesn’t let the audio quality drop just because you get wireless convenience. With a range of techy additions like their volume-optimised Active EQ, the Bose QC35’s offer superior sound no matter what genre or volume level.

Supreme Comfort

When Bose described this model as the QuietComfort, they’re not lying. Even those that veer away from over-ear headphone styles will marvel at just how comfortable the QC35’s are. With their cloud-like cushions (replaceable if you wear them down!) they’re comfortable enough to wear during an entire flight with no complaints.

Light-weight yet super stable the materials used are quality throughout, meaning you’ll be more likely to be upgrading to the next great Bose release before they break on you.

Easy to Use

The Bose QC35’s offer easy to use buttons on the side of the ear cup to change the volume, answer and end calls, play and pause media and power on and off.

The new Bose QC35’s are available now in Black or Silver for $499 from Bose and leading audio retailers.

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