The New iPhone 6s is Better, Faster & Stronger

by Madeleine Borgersen

Apple presented the latest upgrade to their iPhone line-up last night with the new look iPhone 6 and 6s revealing a better, faster and stronger handset (thanks Daft Punk for the inspo!)

The New iPhone 6s is Better, Faster & Stronger

Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come in a fourth colour, a gorgeous Rose Gold.

What do you need to get excited about?

  • The new phones will be made from aluminum, 60% stronger. They’ll also rock harder glass meaning fewer chances of dented corners and cracked screens.
  • There’ll be a new rose gold color (so on trend!) brought to the mix.
  • The new handset will register two new gestures called a peek (a light touch to the screen that will allow you to preview content) and a pop (a harder touch that will basically do what a normal touch does to your iPhone now)
  • The camera has also received a reboot now boasting a 12-megapixel main camera that can capture HD and 4K video. The front or as we prefer to call it ‘selfie’ camera is now offering 5-megapixel captures and also has the nifty addition of lighting up the screen when taking nighttime selfies with friends to gain extra definition. You’ll also be able to take selfie panoramas and slo-mo’s too!
  • Lastly, the new iPhone 6s is faster. With a new A9 chip, it’s 70% faster than the iPhone 6 for CPU tasks (the central processor), and 90% faster for GPU tasks (the graphics processor). The new iPhone’s are also sporting a faster TouchID, allowing you to access the new iOS9 software they’ll be running even faster.

Will you be making the upgrade? Are you an iPhone user or prefer a Windows or Android?

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