Top Tips to Save When Shopping Online

by Madeleine Borgersen

With Christmas almost upon us (and of course those Boxing Day sales!) it’s the perfect time to brush up on your online shopping prowess! Here’s how to save with our top tips to cyber shopping scores!

Top Tips to Save When Shopping Online

This post is in collaboration with ShopandBox, a fantastic service that allows you to shop like a local anywhere in the world and save on shipping!


When it comes to scoring the best online shopping deals you can’t skip your research. Find the product you’re interested in and search the stores for the best deal.

When finding the best deal remember to keep in mind the currency, any shipping costs and, of course, any perks like gifts with purchase or reward programs that can really add up and outweigh a one to two dollar discount somewhere else.

Simplify Your Shipping

Skip paying crazy amounts for shipping for each and every item by using a global personal shopping service like ShopandBox.

ShopandBox allows you to create an account, add items from their gallery or from any store you choose across 21 different countriesA Boxer (Personal Shopper) from the country you want to shop from is assigned to shop for you, receive your items, repack and ship it to your doorstep, saving you on both the stress of shopping and shipping charges!

Started in Melbourne in 2013, ShopandBox lets you shop like a local from anywhere in the world. Perfect for items like makeup and fashion, limited-edition and must-have items can be yours quickly and easily with DHL delivering the final re-packed box to your door in only 1-3 days.

Get Your Coupon On

When shopping online there are so many coupons and discounts to bring your order total down. RetailMeNot is a great spot to start looking. For stores you absolutely love, try signing up to their email newsletters for first dibs at special offers or check a stores social channels if you plan on doing a bit of a splurge for any sales or campaigns they might be running!

Always forget to check for coupons? Let your browser search and apply them automatically with the Chrome browser app, Honey. Just click on the Honey bookmark icon during checkout and the app automatically applies any available codes. Amazing no?

Be Patient

Being organised and having some time up your sleeves can sometimes allow you to save big. A lot of online sellers are now using ‘abandoned cart’ emails to capture unsuccessful sales. So if you have a few days up your sleeve. Add your favourite items to a cart and then start the checkout process giving them your email address but not actually processing any payment.

Give it a day or two to see if you receive a special offer via email (or, a lot are doing this via Facebook now too!) and prepare to save!

Need some inspiration to start shopping?

Create a ShopandBox account and then check some of the items we’ve ordered here!

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  2. How have I never heard of ShopandBox before?!? Wowee Madeline you sure know how to make a gal’s online adventures a lot easier!
    ps. I’m still using the Fillr app you recommended.

  3. Marisa says:

    Your post couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been inundated with sale emails and have a wishlist a mile long so your tips have really come in handy, thank you x

  4. Great share, I always wondered wet to actually find the coupons! Thanks Madeline. Kate, Wondrous x

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