WiWander, The Tech Must-Have For Travellers

by Madeleine Borgersen

Say so long to crazy roaming charges, or stalking that open WiFi network on your travels abroad, a new Australian gadget has launched allowing you to take your well-priced WiFi with you.

Image via Ron Asadorian(Splash News)

Image via Ron Asadorian(Splash News)

A portable, pocket-sized WiFi router, the WiWander is available to rent for your next overseas trip eliminating the need for expensive phone plan upgrades and hotspotting.

Whether it’s to work on the go, share your latest meal on social media or look up the best bar on google maps, the WiWander makes it easy to stay connected during your entire trip.

Priced from only $5 per day for unlimited WiFi, the WiWander is pocket-friendly too and perfect for those that live on the internet, giving you all the data you need with one fixed amount.

“This makes it easier for travellers to know exactly how much they are spending on WiFi before they depart and eliminates the extra expense of hefty data-roaming..”

To grab a WiWander for your next trip just jump onto their website at least 5 days prior to your flight and a router will be delivered to your door ready to use once you arrive.

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