6 Budget-Friendly Beauty Hacks to Save You Money

by Madeleine Borgersen

From cleaning your BeautyBlender to instantly volumizing those brows, here are our top budget beauty hacks to keep you looking great without the price tag.

6 Tricks for Your Budget Friendly Beauty Buys

Looking for some extra genius uses for your favourite beauty basics? Here’s six!

Use Your Dove Beauty Bar to Clean Your BeautyBlender

Is your BeautyBlender your ride or die makeup applicator? Chances are you’ve shelled out a house deposit on cleanser for it.

Save your coins and switch your solid sponge cleanser for the cheaper Dove Beauty Bar. Found in your supermarket aisle this gem gently moisturisers and cleanses your body and works a treat on that beauty sponge to boot!

Apply Lanolips to Dry Patches After Tanning to Avoid Stains

Forgot to moisturiser those cuticles or elbows before applying the fake tan? Never fear! Just dab and blend a little of your Lanolips to the dry patch and rescue your self from any dark DIY staining.

Make Your Fragrance Last Longer With Vaseline

Love a scent but hate the way it vanishes before you’ve even left the house? Give it real staying power by spritzing it atop of a small spread of vaseline.

Volumize Your Brows With Dry Shampoo

Love the big brow trend but have next to no hair? Spray a hit of your go-to dry shampoo onto your fingertips and run them along your brows to instantly add volume and keep those hairs in place.

DeFrizz With Your Hand Cream

Out and about and noticed your locks aren’t handling the humidity? Grab your hand cream and lather up those fingers. With the leftover lightly work your hands over your tresses to gently defrizz sans the spenny hair oil.

Remove Your Makeup with Coconut Oil

A no-brainer the natural coconut oil makes a great makeup remover, breaking down any formula and moisturising your skin in an instant.

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