Backstage Beauty: The Best Tips From Fashion Week

by Madeleine Borgersen

Another fashion week is down but what does that mean for you? As well as seeing what trends will be hitting our wardrobes in the upcoming seasons, fashion week is the perfect opportunity to get the top tips, techniques and trends for hair and beauty. Wanting to know what made big waves backstage?

Backstage Beauty: The Best Tips From Fashion Week

Image by Yianni Aspradakis.

Use your hands.

You might be eyeing off that amazing new brush kit and while they definitely have their place for the perfect application don’t underestimate the power of those fingertips.

Whether it’s to massage in your base for the perfect like-skin finish, blending out cream products for a no-fuss natural look, opting for that skin to skin contact means you’re heating the product whilst applying making it easier to blend.

Double up your products.

Don’t be restricted by a favourite products label. Found a great bronzer? It could make a killer contour shadow for the eyes.

The most used product backstage? A simple balm like Vaseline. Whether it’s for fixing brows, faking a dewy highlight or making the perfect powder pigment into a cream a good multi-use balm is a beauty bag must-have.

Backstage Beauty: The Best Tips From Fashion Week

The sleek blowdrys created by Moroccan Oil are a definite hair trend.

Fake some freckles.

Freckles are the pigment du jour. If you have them, flaunt them and if you don’t fake it!

The best technique to fake the perfect freckle face? Bobbi Brown Makeup Director, Alfie Sadsad used a humble toothbrush backstage at Macgraw flicking a mix of Bobbi Brown’s taupe eyeshadow with a clear balm (another great use for that good old Vaseline!)

Simply dip the brush lightly into the mix and flick over the centre of the face for a perfectly random splatter of faux freckles in a second.

Bring Back The BlowDry

The week was as full of natural, gorgeous blowdrys as it was fashion tape. Moroccan Oil’s luxe blowdry for Rebecca Valance was a perfect example of this using their Bore Bristle Brush and Luminous Hairspray for natural, flowing locks that sat smooth and lush all show long.

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