BB and CC Creams

by Madeleine Borgersen
BB and CC Creams

BB and CC creams are an amazing option for anyone wanting a more natural, light weight look. Here are a few of our top picks to get you started!

1. Garnier – BB Cream – $13.99

It’s by far the best at this price point. It reduces redness and mild imperfections and includes an spf of 15.

2. Origins – VitaZing – $44

I know this isn’t technically labelled as a BB/CC cream but it really basically is yeah? It mixes their energy-boosting moisturiser with spf15 and a slight tint to smooth the complexion. Best of all, it really works! I’m on my 5th purchase and it’s a staple of mine for days I want to give my face a break.

3. Bobbi Brown – BB Cream – $60

A really good BB cream. It does a great job of enhancing what you have. Great for days you want to flaunt the fantastic skin day you’re having. It’s quite heavy for a BB Cream. If it was put in a blind test I think most would mistake it for foundation, only it doesn’t really have the coverage. For $60? I’d be investing that into a top foundation from now on.

4. L’Oreal – Nude Magique CC Cream – Anti-Fatigue – $26.95

I really like that L’Oreal has created three separate products for their CC range. Anti-Redness, Anti-Dullness and Anti-Fatigue (which I personally have) each are tinted with the coutneracting colour for that skin condition. My anti-fatigue is peach based to combat any blue/blacks. It does a really good job for this price point.

5. Kate Somerville – IllumiKate CC Cream – $68

If you’re looking for a higher-end CC cream (you only wear these, you’re not a big fan of foundations) this is the one to invest in. Boasting a robust spf of 50 (great for Australian sun!) and built in illuminisers. It’s like Origins VitaZing on steroids!

2 responses to “BB and CC Creams”

  1. sian_richardson says:

    I’m obsessed with BB cream! I have the Garnier one + use it every day under foundation… I love how you can easily just wear it alone with a bit of bronzer/blush too. So much lighter than a full face of foundation.