A Complete Guide to Lash and Brow Treatments

by Carla Horvath

Brows have been seriously trending for a while but what about our lashes?


A Complete Guide to Lash and Brow TreatmentsI recently went into the Double Bay’s Eyebrow Experts for “research” on all things brow and lashes.

Their services pretty much cover everything you need for a mini-makeover so with my best friend in tow we entered the world of brows and lashes.

I opted for the lash lift and eyebrow contouring (yes, that’s now a thing!). While my BFF went for something a bit more daring, her first tattoo! As in, tattoo eyeliner…. Ouch.

Lash Lift

I was a tad skeptical of the lash lift because my eyes are sensitive and also it’s my eyeballs. My lashes were glued to a silicone mold and then coated with a solution that basically perms them. But not a kinky curl perm, it creates a soft curl.

My eyes did start to water a bit so I couldn’t do the full 20 minutes. Even with half the suggested time I was happy with result… It looks like I used an eyelash curler and then clear mascara. Before my eyelashes would stick straight out  but now they have a slight upward curl and I only need two coats of mascara to get my desired look.

Eyebrow Styling & Contouring

But I wasn’t done there. Next I had an eyebrow consultation and styling session – yes, they take brows very seriously! They don’t follow trends but instead work with your unique facial structure so you know you are in good hands.

I normally go into Benefit for all things brows and was used to a 5 minute wax job. This treatment took about 30 minutes because I had two different coloured tints applied (hence the contouring), wax, tweezers, scissors and probably a few other tools used on my eyebrows. The results were incredible, it looks like I had a facelift!

Tattoo Eyeliner

Now onto my BFF who is a bit more adventurous than I. She is an eyeliner connoisseur who doesn’t leave the house without the top line perfectly applied. The actual treatment didn’t take long but when your eyelids are being tattooed every minute seems like an hour.

Tattoo eyeliner is said to be the least traumatic of permanent makeup because there is less scabing thus less recovery. The technician doesn’t need to go over the spot again and again but just twice.

There is some slight scabbing and for about 48 hours afterwards you should absolutely apply antibacterial ointment on the area until it’s fully healed. After 4-6 weeks you should check in with your technician as some spots might need to be touched up.

The results are so natural and the healing process was straightforward with little downtime. If I ever wore eyeliner this is something I would totally consider.

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