How to Cover Under Eye Dark Circles

by Madeleine Borgersen

We all get a bit dark under our eyes at some point. For me it’s an everyday occurrence caused by bad genes and maybe sometimes a lack of sleep. Here’s how to fool everyone using a great concealer to cover under eye dark circles the pro way.

How to Cover Under Eye Dark Circles

Luckily, to help cover under eye dark circles we have amazing concealers in our lives that can make us look like movie stars despite only getting 2 hours of sleep.

There’s a trick to under eye concealer though and I confess to only learning it last year.

For years I was just concealing the exact area it was necessary – right under my eyes and I was also using a concealer that was a shade too dark.

Instead you should use a shade lighter than your foundation and skin tone to brighten the area and treat your under eye concealment more like a strategy from 90’s cult classic Mighty Ducks. Form a V.

This brightens the whole area under your eye and makes a huge difference!

Even in this gorgeous illustration (by Lara Schubert) you can tell the difference. The eye on the left looks brighter and larger compared to the one on the right that appears almost sunken into the face in comparison.

Definitely try out this tip next time you’ve watched one too many episodes of The West Wing into the wee hours of the morning!

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