Dirty Hair Styles

by Madeleine Borgersen
Dirty Hair Styles

I love messy buns. They’re the got-to-leave the house and haven’t washed my hair solution to everything. One of the easiest and quickest of Dirty Hair Styles.

Here’s how I quickly do mine from limp, oily mess, to ok I can go out in public now.

I also want to preface this with two unfortunate facts — I am not a hairdresser and I do not look like that model.

1. Touch Your Toes and Spray!

Flip your head forward and spray your hair with volumising hair spray or some other volumising spray – I am loving the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Finish at the moment – It’s like fairy floss magic in a can (smell and volume wise not sticky wise).

2. Grab your cloud of amazing hair and put it in a low pony

Don’t bother brushing or putting it into a certain place, the messier the better. I leave my hair in a slight bun to make the next step easier.

3. Grab pieces of the ponytail/bun and pin away

Pin chunks of hair around the elastic band to form a clump until you’re happy with how tight or loose your bun is.

4. Dry Shampoo and Shooze it out

Spray some dry shampoo anywhere it’s needed and scrunch your hair until it looks amazing. Voila!

2 responses to “Dirty Hair Styles”

  1. Cara Phillips says:

    Messy buns are the best! I so miss being able to do this now I’ve chopped all my locks off. I think you give that model a good run for her money too beauty! x