Don’t Sweat It! How to Treat Excessive Perspiration With Botox

by Carla Horvath

I sweat when it’s cold, sometimes in just one pit and have sensitive skin to top it all off!

Botox to Beat Perspiration

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If you are like me then you haven’t found a solution to simply stop your excessive sweating without a heap of side effects.

I started looking at alternative treatments to stop my embarrassing problem after one too many rashes, hives and even worse nothing happening at all.

Dr Naomi specialises in Botox for excessive sweating or what the pro’s call hyperhidrosis. That unsexy term is pretty fitting for a very unsexy problem!

The Treatment

After the initial consultation a topical numbing cream is applied to the area and I was wrapped with cling wrap to further activate the effects. Next Dr Naomi iced the area that was going to be injected first. With all of the icing and topical anesthetics, I couldn’t feel the injection of Botox at all.

The first underarm injections were over before I knew it and we were onto the next one. The second area was then iced and the treatment was repeated. This time, I knew what to expect so it was a bit easier on my psyche. If anything it feels like a tiny pinch that only lasts a second with no pressure at all.

This same treatment can be applied to arms, feet or face if you feel that you don’t sprinkle dainty droplets but instead slip and slide through life.

The Downtime

There was no redness or bruising from the injections and I was able to go about my day normally. The effect of the injections start to occur within 2-8 days and the maximum effect will kick in around the 3-4 week mark. The treatment lasts for about a year on average.

The Results 

It’s been exactly a month since I received the treatment and have seen a significant decrease in sweating under my arms. The best bonus is that because I’ve stopped sweating I don’t smell like a cavewoman at the end of the day.

I can also wear my favourite “normal people’s” deodorant  from Rituals Cosmetics just because the fragrance is really nice.

Must Try

If you are a bit squeamish around needles Dr Naomi has laughing-gas handy that will definitely get you chatting away which is a great distraction. Plus she is super charming and easy to talk to you which will definitely take your mind off of it!


Average cost is around $680 but can be a bit more depending on the size of the area.

For your own appointment with Dr Naomi to discuss the benefits of treating excessive sweating with botox contact her lovely team.

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