How to Get Killer Eyebrows

by Madeleine Borgersen

Eyebrows are the frame of the face. Full and soft or strong and structured here’s the perfect tips to tame those brows and get your game on fleek!

How to Get Killer Eyebrows

Illustration by the amazing Lara Schubert.


1. Start

Your eyebrows should start in line with the side of your nose. Hold a pencil or paddlepop stick straight against your nose and up. Then pluck or wax away any monobrow. (Don’t worry I could be confused with being Bert’s cousin!)

2. Arch

The high point of the brow should be on a diagonal line from the nostril through the iris and up. Again with your pencil/pen/kebab get a sense of where your arch (or high point) should be and base this for your shaping.

3. End

The brow should not go past the diagonal from the nostril to the end of your eye. Any whispeys after it (or as I like to call them Wolverines) can just be plucked or waxed away.

I recommend anyone that’s shaping for the first time to go to a professional, like the Benefit Brow Bar or stalk instagram to find a specialist locally. This way you can just maintain the shape they’ve created with a good set of tweezers. If you’re keen to give it a go yourself just remember less is more, less plucking that is!

Start slowly and keep your brows even. You can always remove more if you need to but it takes a while for brows to grow back if you take off too much!

Some other tips!

  1. Eyebrows, like many other parts of the body, are not symmetrical. One of mine is all archy the other lies a bit limp and flat, its the way it is! Don’t over pluck trying to make them exactly the same, go with what you  naturally have!
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. If Cara Delevingne has taught us anything it’s that we can have any eyebrows we want!
  3. Use a brow highlight to amp up non-existant arches. If your brows are naturally quite straight try using an under arch highlighter to give the illusion of more arched brows.

2 responses to “How to Get Killer Eyebrows”

  1. i love the benefit brow bar! i don’t go anywhere else as well! its good their philosophy is thick and full brows not thin and sparse!