Best Dry Shampoos for Any Hair Type

by Madeleine Borgersen

If you’ve never used Dry Shampoo before I am in awe of you! But really, get onto it! When I was younger I used to use talcum powder to soak up any greasiness or oil and refresh third-day hair. Now there are way better options. Here’s some of the best dry shampoos currently on the market!

Best Dry Shampoos for Any Hair Type

1. Klorane – Oat Milk Dry Shampoo – $12.99

The queen of the dry shampoo arena and for good reason. It’s definitely the best one you can add to your shopping trolley. It has a really light powder that actually sinks into your hair instead of turning you into an icy cone of white powder. It’s lightly fragranced (read you won’t smell like a baby prostitute) and lasts for ages!

2. Lush – No Drought – Dry Shampoo – $13.50

One of my absolute favourites! This one leave’s no dusty grandma residue. It has a light citrus smell and re-plumps the locks removing any sign of grease-ball hair. Just what you want in a great dry shampoo!

3. Toni & Guy – Cleanse Dry Shampoo – $17.45

For value for money this is my favourite supermarket purchase. It’s a fantastic dry shampoo that again doesn’t leave any sticky or white residue and comes in a big can perfect for regular users!

4. Dove – Refresh + Care – NA

Ok this is a bit of a teaser as this one hasn’t actually been released over here unless you want to pay $135 for 6 bottles to be shipped over, but when it finally arrives to Aus stores it will be amazing! Super cheap and showering (see what I did there?) your hair with all the perks of a brand new wash and blow dry it’s a must-have for any bathroom cabinet.

What’s your go-to Dry Shampoo? Are you a big fan or haven’t used one before?

4 responses to “Best Dry Shampoos for Any Hair Type”

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  3. sian_richardson says:

    My hairdresser almost killed me for using the Dove one… haha. I’d been using it for a few weeks and it left my hair super gross and shitty… Although I’m not sure if it was a combo of the products I was using. But I’m all amongst the Kevin Murphy dry shampoo now! It’s rad.

    • Ha yeah! Just like any product you really need to make sure you’re washing all the product out with a good shampoo. I use the Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo once a week to remove the sheer amount of hairspray I’ve used! Kevin Murphy products are amazing. Eivind refuses to use anything else on his luscious mane of man-locks!