The 10 Best Products for Fine Hair

by Carla Horvath

Nearly every celebrity has a little help from the hair extension department but what about the rest of us? Hair guru Michele McQuillan spills the top tips and best products to help you fake it till you make it!

The 10 Best Products for Fine Hair

Proving fine hair can be fabulous. Via Instagram.

What are the hairstyling no-no’s for fine hair?

Waiting too long for a haircut is definitely an absolute no no! You want to keep fine hair light, keeping a natural bounce to it. You also don’t want to weigh your hair down with excessive and heavy products. They can make your hair too oily.

What should those fine hair prep with prior to styling?

For fine hair I’d use a light prepping spray. I like R&Co’s Prepping Spray because it protects the hair from heat and styling products.  It also evens out the porosity and is a light conditioner. Remember only a small amount and mainly on the ends, not the roots.

What should those with fine hair finish their style with?

Finish with a light hairspray or dry shampoo that’ll revive the hair after a long day. Try Redken’s Wind Blown 05 it’s great for rejuvenating the hair.

What should those with fine hair do to make it stronger?

Conditioning is a priority for strengthening hair but make sure you only treat the ends. Try to use a small amount of conditioner and always choose the right type for your hair including the correct shampoo.

I love Olaplex’s conditioning treatment; it combines with your colour and not only strengthens hair, it also rejuvenates it. This is a must when you colour your hair, especially this close to the equator! Always be careful with bleaching, you don’t want to loose any more hair!

You want to keep your hair as youthful as possible so be thoughtful with how and what you use to colour your hair.

What type of brushes should those with fine hair use?

Lara Worthington’s Urchin cut via Instagram

Mason and Pearson bristle and nylon mix are beautiful brushes they’re very soft and don’t break the hair or make it static. You really want to use natural fibres like boar bristle in your brushes but mixed with a nylon fibre so they last longer. Remember never over work the hair with brushing or heat.

If you need more volume, spray a little thickening spray like Oribe’s Thick Dry Finishing Spray. Let your hair air dry first or blow dry your hair till it’s almost dry. Then smooth the ends with your brush or add some Velcro rollers for more body.

The less you work your hair the better – it’s less likely to go static, flat or oily.

What is a go-to everyday look for someone with thin hair?

If it suits you a beautiful urchin shape cut is stunning. Or if you prefer longer hair then maybe a LOB with long layers with a bit of graduation around the face. Add some bronde or balayage colouring around the front hairline to lift the face. This also adds texture without you having to cut any layers in, like an optical illusion. Colour will dry up any oily roots (when it’s a fresh colour) giving you more body.

 What’s an insider tip from models and celebrities?

Some of the models have told me that Solgars Hair Skin and Nail supplements help. Taking vitamin supplements may help in thickening up your hair.

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