How to Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

by Madeleine Borgersen

Don’t think you have to go out and buy a curling iron or wand to get a gorgeous set of curls. There’s a super easy way to achieve this look with your good old straightener. I get asked how to do this all the time from people that must think I’m far more talented in the hair styling department than I actually am. Trust me, once you try it you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

How to Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

Firstly, I love to curl my hair with my straighter as it gives a more subtle, wavy look as opposed to other curling tools. Don’t get me wrong those heated curling rod things in the 90s were the beez kneez but you know, we need to keep things realistic.

Here’s how to curl your hair with a straightener such as a Cloud 9, GHD, Remington or really any brand!

1. Section Your Hair

Makes things so much easier! Tie the top two-thirds of your hair up in a bun or get it up and away with some clips. We want to focus on one area at a time! Brush out the area to make sure there aren’t any knots that are going to be a hinderance and apply some heat-protectant spray to your lovely locks.

2. Grab a Section

Grab a section of hair. Note not all of your sections have t be equal. We’re going for a relaxed, casual look not Shirley Temple so if there are some waves bigger than others, this is ok, nay perfect!

3. The Twisting Part

Place the straightener towards the root of the hair section with the hair obviously in-between the plates. Clamp down on the hair and turn the straightener away from you, 360 degrees, or full circle.

4. Pull the hair through

Now that it’s turned simple pull the straightener down the section of hair. The hair will follow the path around the head of the straightener (outside) and then through the middle, between the plates.

5. Spray & Shake

If you have super fine hair you may like to spray the curls every few sections to make sure they hold whilst you’re working on your other side. Once you’ve repeated steps 2 – 4 on your whole head (yep the top ‘bunned‘ sections too) you can spray the whole lot. If the curls are too curly simply brush through them with your fingers or shake your head upside down for a bit until you get your desired look.

Now of course everything takes practice so don’t worry if you don’t get your first section, first go! Just work your way around and if one peice just isn’t playing nicely – it happens with straightening too! – just move on and come back to it once it’s cooled down a little (metaphorically and literally).

Can’t wait to see your locks! Please take some snaps and tag us on instagram @thedailymarkblog!

6 responses to “How to Curl Your Hair With A Straightener”

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  2. I need to give this another go 🙂 Your tutorial makes it look so easy xo

  3. love the tutorial!! i haven’t curled by hair with a straighter in ages! they actually last longer using a straightener than a curler