Evo Haircare

by Madeleine Borgersen

Now I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s covers but I have to confess the first time I grabbed an evo haircare product it was for purely aesthetic reasons. Their packaging is hot!

Any shampoo that quotes Cher is amazing in my books, luckily what’s inside the plastic lives up to the expectation – and then some!

I’ve got my picks of the shampoo and conditioner range. They’re from different lines but they work for me.

The Therapist Calming Shampoo

Perfect for my colour treated, frizzy bombshell of a hairdo. It does just what it says, calms my hair right down. Sulfate free it cleans anything and everything out of my hair without stripping it of it’s natural goodness. And the smell? Oh deary me. Amazing!

Ritual Salvation Conditioner

Yep, washing your hair is now spiritual event, at least it is when you’re using this baby. I go without using this once and I immediately notice a difference. It’s perfect for brittle, damaged locks that have been abused time and again by our love of heat stylers (can we all do a unison – sorry hair!). This little lady helps to repair the damage we’ve already done and protect it from further damage with it’s built-in UV protectors.

Helmut Finishing Spray

So if you’re anything like me you’ve been a fool and you’ve decided to wash your hair on the windiest, rainiest day of the year. Never fear. Helmut exists and it’s amazing. I’m not a huge hairspray user – I leave it to my grandma most days, but when I do need a fix I expect it to work. Evo is of the same thought.

Helmut dries instantly so you don’t go through that ‘I feel like a bottle of Clag glue’ stage heading out the door. It finishes your hair so strongly you won’t have to worry, if a cyclone comes, you’ll be looking fabulous. Best of all you can brush it out at the end of the day, no need to wash 42 times!

Evo is stocked in amazing hair salons and online.

Evo’s Helmut Finishing Spray was gifted to me to try and I’m so glad I was able to come across it. It’s the perfect match to my existing evo routine!

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