Heat Styling Tips with Cloud Nine

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wanting to know why those curls drop straight away or how heat styling works? We got all the tips from the Cloud Nine experts and can’t wait to share!

Heat Styling Tips with Cloud Nine

Image: Cloud Nine

The Importance of Temperature

The Cloud Nine range offers heat styling at multiple temperatures which for me is their main difference between them and their competitors. The lower temp styling is perfect for colour treated hair that is already damaged and dry. The higher temps are there to straighten or curl even the thickest and unruliest of hair.

Being able to pick the temperature that suits your hair means your styling can work with your protection sprays and leave in treatments to strengthen your hair instead of against it by locking these products in instead of just evaporating them.

During the session we not only learnt how to use the tools but also why and how heat styling actually worked.

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Think about it, your hair turns into a frizzy mess when it’s humid or raining? Makes sense no?


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3 responses to “Heat Styling Tips with Cloud Nine”

  1. […] Heat Styling Tips with Cloud Nine – I love curling my hair (especially when it was longer) and I used to get asked all the time how to keep my curls in such good shape. These are great tips for keeping your curl! […]

  2. I bought a Cloud 9 after my GHD bit the dust earlier this year – love it for straightening but struggled with curls (which I used to be able to do no problem with the GHD) – now reading your tips I think I have it too hot! Thanks Madeleine! 🙂