You Had Me At Hello Hair

by Madeleine Borgersen
You Had Me At Hello Hair

I stumbled upon the Hello Hair treatments via instagram, as you do nowadays.

After checking out the extensive information on their website I was sold to give it a try!

A hydrating treatment which uses the benefits of Coconut, Argan and Almond Oils. Say goodbye to dry, stressed out hair, and say hello to hair that feels revitalised! 100% natural and vegan friendly.

What’s not to love about that? I picked up two packets, at $15 each they are a bargain! Each pack has approximately 3 uses, I personally got 4 out of mine but someone with thicker or longer hair might only get 2 depending on the level of damage.

What I love about it is –

  1. It smells like Anzac Biscuits
  2. It, like the Tigi I’ve used previously goes straight onto dry hair. So no get in the shower, get out of the shower, get back in the shower salsa just to give your locks a bit of TLC.
  3. It’s all natural and it works!

Giving my hair a little extra love and moisture (read not pounding it with protein treatments either!) I’ve noticed a real improvement. It’s too soon to see any noticeable length increase (my hair is the slowest growing in existence I swear) but I’ve noticed a definite improvement in it’s look and feel and also the amount of knots I am having to brush out (thank god for Tangle Teezers!).

What’s your favourite hair treatment du jour? Have you tried coconut or argan oil products before?

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