How to Fake Thick Hair

by Madeleine Borgersen

Fine, limp hair that just has no oomph? Here’s a great style for you that’s easy, suits anyone and will have your locks bouncing like nothing else!

How to Fake Thick Hair

A textured mix of waves is the best way to disguise fine, limp hair at home. Mumma (my wonderful model for this look) has super fine hair that has a few cow licks (that I’ve been lucky enough to inherit myself!)

Sick of slaving over the straightener every morning she was looking for a way to go with the natural kinks her hair had and give her hair volume. This casual, tousled, textured wave is what we came up with.

Best part about this style? Do it once after washing and it just gets better the more you ‘live in it’. Want to know how to mimic this look yourself? Read on!

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